Reframing the Bad-Client Relationship

News (16 05 2023)


OrderIntended considers clients as partners in creativity, and therefore, an adaptable approach is necessary to meet each client's unique needs.

Relationship Goal: Understanding Over Blame

At OrderIntended, we believe that the key to designing value-driven solutions for our clients lies in understanding their needs and aligning them with our strategic creative approach.

There are no bad clients, only opportunities to improve our approach to business creativity.

Unpacking the Power of Strategic Creativity

Our philosophy is centered around the power of design to create timeless brands and products that resonate with people. Designing such solutions for our clients requires a marriage of business understanding and creative execution. This means that even clients who initially seem challenging or demanding can be transformed into valuable partners if we align our strategic creative solutions to their specific needs. For example, our project for John started out as a tough challenge but soon turned into a successful collaboration because we took the time to understand their needs and tailor our approach accordingly.

Overcoming Communication Barrier

Ensuring that the client's vision aligns with the creative team's understanding is a significant challenge in any project. Misunderstandings can quickly lead to dissatisfaction, as was the case when we first started working with John. However, we overcame this challenge by clarifying the brief, setting the right expectations, and maintaining open lines of communication.

Embracing the Client's Perspective

At OrderIntended, we are committed to understanding our clients' perspectives. We believe that a disconnect with a client arises from a failure to fully understand their needs. Therefore, we prioritize understanding the client's needs above all else. Once we truly grasp what a client needs, only then can we start infusing our strategic creativity, just as we did with John.

The Power of Collaboration

We view our clients as partners in creativity. Each project is a collaborative process, a shared journey towards a creative solution. We are proud to say that this approach has led to many successful partnerships, including our collaboration with John. We believe that collaboration is the key to a successful project.

Nurturing Adaptability

The diversity of our clients is a testament to the need for an adaptable approach to business creativity. Each client is unique, and our solutions must reflect that individuality. Therefore, we have developed an adaptive approach that allows us to meet each client's unique needs head-on, as demonstrated by our diverse portfolio of work.

Demonstrating our Expertise

At OrderIntended, we have a deep understanding of the business and design worlds. Our expertise allows us to tailor our creative solutions to each client's specific needs and goals. We have a proven track record of successful projects, including our work with John. Our strategic approach to creativity is the key to our success.


At OrderIntended, we firmly believe in the guiding principle that there are no bad clients, only opportunities to improve our approach to business creativity. We focus on clear communication, a deep understanding of client needs, collaboration, and adaptive creativity to create timeless brands and products. By demonstrating our expertise and commitment to our clients, we have built successful partnerships that have stood the test of time.

With every project, we strive to bring order to intention, creating design solutions that directly address people's needs and transcend the constraints of time. Join us on this journey of strategic creativity.